Playing helps your kids ace new and sometimes complex abilities? Some kid’s toys highlight simple play designs while others improve your motor skills, social aptitudes and even educational development. But here comes the challenge- picking the right first toy for your baby can be challenging. Here are important guidelines to follow.

Safety first!

Research safety information before you allow your kid to play with any toy. Remembering toy safety is critical, particularly when kids of various ages live in the house. A couple of straightforward measures can help you select sheltered and fitting toys for your beloved kids. For safe toy purchase, shop ONLY from a reliable online toy store like Step2 Direct for your peace of mind.

What is safe for a kid can be hazardous to others!

Smaller parts that are below three inches represent a choking peril for youngsters 4 years of age and above. Keep such pieces distant from them. Remind more seasoned youngsters to keep their toys, particularly those containing little pieces, far from younger kids.

Battery-operated toys need to have batteries in a tight, secure compartment. Battery compartments that require a little screwdriver to open and close are safer. Keep this device far from kids less than 12 years old.

Babies love to play—and couple of things make them more joyful than another toy. Notwithstanding engaging your infant, toys promote motor skills and social aptitudes. Aside from the safety tips above, know some other guidelines in buying your baby’s first toy.

Avoid toxic toys. One of the most dangerous toys to watch out for are those that have lead in them. Be sure to check the labels before you buy any kind of toy. Ask the store’s representative in case you are not sure.


It’s vital to know where your kid is developmentally at a certain age. Pick toys that fit your infant’s level of learning and age. Attempt to discover toys that will challenge your kid without bringing about frustration.

Be sure to check the age label on the toy. The packaging label depends on a kid’s physical and mental capacity, play needs, interests and safety requirements. For instance, toys with smaller parts can bring choking dangers for kids under three years old.

Let Your Baby Explore & Learn

Every day is brimming with new discoveries for your infant. It is advisable to buy engaging toys that can help in stimulating the senses of your kids. Toys that have fascinating sights, sounds, and surfaces help your infant explore and learn. To cultivate your kid’s awareness on to how to get things going, toys ought to easy to activate and empower a your little one’s interaction.

Give your kid the best childhood experience that he or she can ever have! Start by giving him or her the best first toy of his or her life!

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