Who is not excited to attend a prom party? It is one such event that everybody is excited about. Don’t let your skin tone bring down your enthusiasm and take away all the party excitement. You can deal with this issue by selecting the right color dress for the party. Select the color that is in accordance to your skin tone. Here we are going to tell you a list of colors that would make you look good for your skin tone.

Determine the skin tone

Analyze the undertone and surface tone of your skin

The skin tone is mostly described as skin color. It can be ivory, medium, light, or dark. Undertone of the skin color is the color beneath the surface of your skin. Undertones are classified as cool (red, pink, or blue), warm (peach, yellow, or golden), or neutral (combination of cool and warm). When selecting a prom dress, you must take both undertone and surface tone into consideration.

Pay attention to the veins color

One of the ways to define your undertone is by looking at the veins color. Are your veins green or blue? If it is blue in color, then you have cool undertones. On the other hand, if they are green, then it implies that you have warmer undertones.

Know your eye color

Eye color is also important to determine the right color of your plus size prom dresses. So, you have to take a closer look at your iris of the eyes. This color indicates your undertones. People who have gray, blue, or green color of eyes, generally come into the category of cooler undertones. Those who have hazel, brown, or amber eyes, have warmer undertones.

Selection of the jewelry

Once you have identified your undertone, you can now make the right selection of the jewelry. People who have cool undertones should go for silver jewelry. People who have warm undertones should wear gold jewelry.

Make the color selection

  • Dark skin tone

Choose the color that complements your surface tone. Wear bold colors when you have a dark skin tone. Bright and bold colors will complement the skin tone. Right jewel would be emerald green and turquoise. Stay away from black color and deep tones.

  • Light skin tone

Choose pastel color if you have got a light skin tone or fair color. Some of the most appropriate colors to wear would be mint green, pastel blue, baby pink, periwinkle, and heather gray. All these colors definitely complement your skin tone in the nicest way.

  • Medium colored skin

If you have medium color skin, then you can choose metallics and earth tones. You will surely look the best when wearing metallics and earth tones. Some of the best colors are forest green, try gold, mustard yellow, brown, and cranberry red.


Color holds a lot of significance in your overall appearance. Prom dresses are available in several different styles and colors.  You need to pick the right color that not just flatters to the eye color and skin tone but also assist you to stand out on your prom night.