Watches are one of those accessories which can never go outdated and are a must-have in a women’s wardrobe and especially for those who are not fond of bling or jewellery as you have something classic to carry off with your casual or even evening dress. Today, you can find watches in a plethora of designs with variations in straps, dials, and shapes and along with that you can add a personal element to it by getting them customised for yourself which makes them highly desirable.

Women’s watches are an epitome of elegance and style and if you are a fashionista then you definitely need to have a pair or two of different watches that you can wear on different occasions. Right from the classic and sophisticated designs to the more tech-savvy ones, you can choose your pick from as here you would find designs that are more elaborate and accessible.

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Here are the top designs in women’s watches that add to the style quotient instantly. Read more about their designs and brands below:

  • Cartier Tank

The Cartier Tank is one of the oldest designs in women’s watches and was introduced in 1917. It designed was inspired from the war tanks that were used during the World War I and its shape was not that of the traditional circular shape and was instead a rectangular one. This particular watch was primarily worn by the men in the armed forces in America, but it then became popular among the women as well. The classic design of this watch consists of roman numerals on a rectangular dial along with a sapphire cabochon crown.

  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual

This particular watch happens to be one of the first ones that were made waterproof as well as dustproof as an evolved design of the previous watches. It was initially available in a sealed case that could provide the dial with ultimate protection from falling out during 1926. Right after one year, Mercedes Glitze who crossed the English Chanel happened to test for its waterproof quality by wearing it throughout the journey and the design emerged out to be successful. You can now find this watch as an integral part of the Rolex collection. It comes with the timeless design and aesthetic and is today one of the most celebrated designs.

  • Cartier Ballon Bleu

This particular watch is one of the most recent designs in the Cartier family and is a perfect combination of the traditional and the technical craft of watch-making process. Right from the invention of its design in 2007, it has ruled the chart for being one of the most classic designs in the history of the Cartier brands. To top of the look, it comes with a cabochon crown which adds to its uniqueness.

  • Lacoste

If you are looking for something that would fall in your budget, then the Lacoste watches are a definite choice anytime you plan to purchase watches. These come in the most classic designs with a leather designs and are perfect for a casual day out. You can even get them customised according to your choice just by consulting the people at the stores. Lacoste watches are available everywhere and there is no special need to get them ordered with extra charges.

If you are someone who loves to collect classic and sophisticated designs which are at the same time modern enough to suit your wardrobe, then you definitely need to pick up these four watches that have been listed above and add to your accessory box.