The gray fashion clothes is universal and basic. It is intermediate between black and white, and so is considered neutral. Fits all – men, women and children, regardless of age and figure. It is however to comply with dozens of its nuances and to combine well with other colors. Gray represents realism, common sense, stability, stiffness, duality, grief, boredom, invisibility sameness. In psychology, it is recommended to relax, relax and for insomnia. Not suitable for indecisive people.

In astrology, the gray is the color of Saturn, Capricorn, and the day on this planet is Saturday. It is believed that these are people who have unnaturally mature for his age, serious, control your feelings and put them on display. It is good to have at least one gray dress in her wardrobe. For the rest – if you want to be astrologically line to wear gray or have at least one accessory in that color. When in a hole or Saturn Saturn hard aspect murine color will help them more easily survive this period.

The color gray is preferred by business people, but is fully applicable to everyday life and leisure time. It carries a message of elegance, businesslike, minimalism and neutrality. Designers from Samyra-Fashion recommend not to dress in gray from head to toe.

To “warm” and “lively” it is good to combine with other colors: white, black, beige, hot brown, yellow, pink (light pink, salmon and fuchsia) Turkish blue, violet, red and green. Practically in all – remains to put your imagination and personal taste.