Among many womenfolk, there is strong belief that keeping a personal beautician is a costly affair. They think this can be afforded only by film actresses, political leaders, showpiece models and other celebrities. There is some truth in it though.

The very necessity of beautifying their public appearance every day is behind this costly proposal. Other reasons like inability to visit a local beauty salon or spa, where big crowds will be waiting, are also there. But this myth has been shattered now – thanks to Salon at Home in Bangalore.

In fact, Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city, with a wonderful climate throughout the year. It is blessed by nature with lush green gardens and parks everywhere. Due to this reason, there has been an imminent increase in population, both Indians and foreign nationals. No need to mention that a major chunk of this huge population consists of working women, middle-income group ladies, apart from high-end society dignitaries.

For all these ladies, there existed only one option for beautification purposes, namely visiting a Best salon in Bangalore. Now with the advent of UrbanClap, a services-oriented company undertaking an array of different useful services crossing 70 plus, a trendy opportunity has come forth in the form of Salon at Home in Bangalore.

Now at the request of anyone, a personal beautician is deputed to their home, exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the beautification tasks required by the customer.

Before going further, let us analyse what sorts of services are offered by a local beauty salon at Bangalore.

Beautification services:

  • A salon or beauty parlour is an establishment where professionals render beauty treatments to the body
  • Body massage with the use of herbal substances, by deft fingers to relieve stress – both mental and physical
  • Skincare including sun tanning, softening the outer skin and cleansing the dead cells and moisturising etc.
  • Hair care such as hair-wash, hair-drying, shampoo bath, colouring, curling or straightening including hair-cuts, if necessary
  • Removing unwanted hair from conspicuous places by waxing – Rica wax or regular wax
  • Treatment to the skin on the face using facial techniques such as lotions, creams, facial mask, steam, exfoliation, peels and proper massage etc.
  • Manicure for the fingernails on the hands by cutting, clipping, filing, removing waste tissues and nail-polishing
  • Pedicure treatment on the feet and toenails like cutting, shaping and applying nail-polish etc.
  • Now all the above services can be availed at your home, with the help of the beautician deputed by the Best Salon in Bangalore run by UrbanClap network.
  • How to hire a professional beautician?
  • There are well-trained professional beautician experts employed by UrbanClap. If you need their service, all you need to do is contact this company over the phone or visit their website online. There is another easiest option to download the special software application, developed for this purpose. Click this application in your hand-phone and instantly your request will be attended by their staff.
  • You can ask for an appointment of the professional to be sent to your home. You need to give the exact details of your address and location, as also the particulars of the beautification service you require.
  • Your appointment will be confirmed by sending the name and photographer of the beautician, who will be visiting your home. This professional will bring everything needed for the required service. Your bedroom will be converted into a beauty salon in Bangalore. You can get the exclusive and special attention throughout the beautification process with care.
  • You can comfortably enjoy the never-before experience gladly, and also brag to your friends about the cheapest cost!