As Nike gets ready to drop some serious heat for its spring collection, mockups and teaser releases have stirred up fans across the globe. Ardent collectors and passionate sneakerheads alike are waiting to get their hands on the latest Jordan shoes. From revival of the OGs and retro throwbacks to futuristic styles and materials, there’s plenty to look forward to this season. 

Mark your calendars as Thrifter brings you a list of the hottest, absolute must have Air Jordan shoes, set to release in the coming months. 

  1. Air Jordan 1 ‘Dark Blue Marina’

Nike is going back to its roots in a big way this year. The brand is paying homage to the original varsity team shoes that kickstarted the Jordan shoes fever. One of the best examples of this is the upcoming Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG in ‘Marina Blue’. 

With this pair, Nike is taking it back to the basics, both in terms of materials and design. The classic high top is designed completely in leather. The colour palette is an immediate reminder of the ‘Royal’ colour scheme chosen for one of the historic varsity shoes. With well-loved elements meeting new engineering, this one will be a perfect addition to any Nike collection. 

  1. Honor The Gift x Jordan Why Not ZerO.5

If there is one launch that is on top of every streetwear enthusiast’s wishlist, it is Nike’s collaboration with Russell Wesbrook of Honor The Gift, one of the most renowned streetwear brands of recent times. The label has captured the imagination of fans and patrons of streetwear, not only for its avant garde designs but also for the street cred that comes with Westbrook’s name. The incredible NBA has an ardent fan base, on the court as an MVP and the off the court as a fashion visionary.

The DNAs of both brands merge to birth this genius design. Sharp features stand out, set in muted pastels. The interior features exposed foam that provides incredible comfort, while embodying the ‘unfinished’ aesthetic that is popular with Nike designers of late. The shoe is made in a mix of several fabrics and is a visual treat. 

  1. Air Jordan 12 ‘Playoffs’ 2022

Probably one of the most highly anticipated pairs to drop this season, the Air Jordan Playoffs are set to make a grand return in 2022. This retro silhouette will be back as a limited-edition release and will revive a much-loved design. The monochromatic colour palette is detailed with silver accents and designed in all leather. 

The ribbed reminds of an armour suit or something you would see on a Transformer. In fact, that cool and vintage reference is a perfect one for this shoe, as that is the exact feeling this shoe endeavors to evoke. 

  1. Air Jordan 6 Low GC ‘CNY’

One of Nike’s more festive looks with season will be the Air Jordan 6 Low GC ‘CNY’. The shoe will be released as a special edition for the new Lunar Year, a tradition that the brand has kept alive for many years. 

The upper is designed in vibrant white, decorated with gold accents. The signature gold continues in the midsole, giving way to a translucent milky white sole. The classic Jumpman logo in gold adorns the bottom of the shoe. If you have somehow been left untouched by the white sneaker mania, now is your chance to get on that bandwagon with this uber chic pair. 

  1. Air Jordan 1 Low OG CNY ‘Year of the Tiger’

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, which in 2022 happens to be the Year of The Tiger, Nike taken a leap into the retro aesthetic. The Air Jordan 1 Low OG CNY ‘Year of the Tiger’ shoe features funky tiger pattern. even though colour palette is a cheeky combination of orange, black and white. This limited-edition pair is dripping with luxury elements like satin lining, premium leather, bold and vibrant colours. The insignia is also bogger and bolder to accentuate the exclusivity of this piece.

Despite its over-the-top design elements, the low-top shoe is super wearable and will be an easy statement piece to style with all sorts of outfits.