What could be better than having your own created logo imprinted in your clothes? It is the most common method to show your affections towards any of your favorite movie character, series or any brand. It looks very stylish and cool especially on a shirt, jacket, cap or bags.There are many platforms available now which gives an option of customizing and ordering such badges to get it imprinted on anything which comes in premium quality and gives a perfect look.

How patches are made and imprinted on clothes

computerized embroidery machines are used to manufacture such premium quality patches. embroidery machines are available in different variety but the one which gives better result will cost more. Patches can be made using different fabrics including nylon, felt, canvas, leather, polyester twill and many more. So if you are planning to customize a patch for you then you are having the option to select the fabric which you want. For creating the customized patches digitalized software are used which basically creates a digital file and send it to the machine for imprinting. Machine takes the digital file and imprints the logo on the provided cloth.

Steps to order your own customized patches

As there is some platform available which provides customized patches service as per the requirement. The work is performed by high-quality machines and hence requires the following details:

  • Provide your artwork or logo which you wish to get imprinted
  • quantity needed
  • A proper description of a size where you want the patch

You will be getting the exact quote once the digital logo is sent to the machine. Also, you can watch a sample print on the screen. So if you are looking for imprinting of embroidered patches on your clothes then make sure to such platform to get premium quality result in an affordable price. Also, you will get online support in case of any issue with the order.