Brushing your teeth isn’t the only part of oral hygiene it is a practice where you keep your mouth free from diseases and clean. Protecting your teeth is only one part of it like tooth brushing, using mouthwash and flossing. Everything important starts with your mouth including breathing, eating, biting, speaking and chronic conditions. When you know the proper techniques you can reduce any potential health problems.

You usually won’t figure out that there are bacteria building up until you get a cavity or something more serious. This is why preventing it is very crucial and there are many articles online that provide quality information about proper practices. But, you will get the best piece of advice from your doctor or any professional.

Prevention as a Solution

There are a few things you need to do to improve your general health through oral hygiene besides brushing twice a day and flossing at least once per day. Some of them including limiting your sugary drinks and snacks, following a low sugar, low fat, high fiber diet with vegetables and fruits and have your teeth cleaned at least once every six months. You should also include other products and here is an article about using mouthwash as one of the best ways to protect your gums.

It is something you should teach your kids from a young age so it can become a routine. One important thing to mention is that it can depend on the individual which technique they will use and if it is a child or a grownup. It’s recommended that you visit a dentist with your child after their first birthday because they are very sensitive to cavities and tooth decay. For example, when they are bottle-fed, sugar can buildup and damage them.

In order to prevent decay, start seeing a pediatric dentist frequently, brush with a soft toothbrush once they start growing and bottle feed only during meal times. Other statistics say that men are less likely to take care compared to women and seek preventive care. But, women can have more issues considering that they have various stages in hormone changes during their life. For example, pregnant women tend to produce more saliva and frequent vomiting can cause decay also.

Treating Oral Problems

The first and most common thing you can do is visiting a professional for cleaning that will get any plaque that has built up when you missed flossing and brushing. It is quite an easy and effective way to prevent any further damage, removing tartar is done with a high-powered brush which doesn’t hurt at all. They will rinse and floss all remaining debris afterward.

Something that can be found in the majority of toothpaste is fluoride but there is also a fluoride treatment which is a mineral that will make your teeth more resilient to acid and bacteria. There is also an option to use antibiotics but it isn’t recommended if there are other ways to solve the issue. Some of them can be in a form of a gel that is used to remove any bad odor. Find more information here: 

Natural Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath

It is true that many juices can be bad for your teeth because they contain a lot of sugars but pineapple juice is on the top of the list when it comes to removing smelly breath. There isn’t a scientific study to back it up but there are many comments online that give it as an excellent example. You can drink it after every meal or eat a couple of slices afterward.

Another good example is parsley which has high chlorophyll content that helps with this issue. You would have to chew the leaves after you finish your breakfast or implement it as a dietary supplement. You should also know that dryness usually causes bad breath so water can be the only solution you need. The best time to take a cold glass of water is in the morning because you dry out during sleep.

Some of the drinks that can also be helpful include milk, yogurt, orange juice, zinc and green tea. There is a study behind taking yogurt to remove bad odor and around 80% of people had successfully done it. It has healthy bacteria that help fight bad bacteria not only in the mouth but in the whole body. Read more on this page.

Zinc has proven to be effective which is the reason why you can find it in many mouthwash products. It works by decreasing the number of sulfurous compounds in your breath. To resist garlic breath, one of the most powerful solutions that are also very healthy is an apple. Many people have this problem because some compounds that have a certain smell end up in your bloodstream and apples have natural compounds that neutralize them. 

When to Visit a Doctor?

Swelling and tooth pain is the first sign people use to visit a dentist but other things that might not affect your daily life can also be a clue. For example, if you notice any white spots on your gums or teeth, it is a sign of decay caused by an infection that may not hurt but can cause problems in the future. One visit to the dentist can solve this issue easily.

Even if it doesn’t have to do anything with your mouth like headaches, it can be connected with it. You could also be too sensitive to cold or hot foods or beverages. It is a common thing that some people have sensitive teeth but when it is more noticeable, you should visit your doctor.

When it comes to bad breath, you can check by yourself if you have this problem by covering your mouth and breathing into them or swabbing the back of your tongue which is a more effective way. The best time would be to do it after you brush them because it should clear any odor so if it doesn’t you know that something else is the cause.