Online shopping is the latest trend in the whole world where people order their necessities from online sites. You get anything and everything on various shopping websites from clothes, mobiles, shoes, makeup, accessories, etc. These websites offer great deals on their products. There are so many domestic shopping websites that you don’t need to visit foreign websites. But sometimes they offer amazing deals on their products but you have to get disappointed because they don’t ship packages in your country. For this Planet Express provides package forwarding services so that you get to enjoy great deals regardless of where you shop.

Planet Express is an US-based mail and package forwarding services that gives shipping services to people outside the US. Even though you don’t live in the US, you still get to enjoy great deals on products from various e-commerce websites. Also, you can enjoy unbelievable pricing on shipping and postage services. Also, it is very easy and free to register on their website and create your own account.

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Follow these steps to register with them-

  1. Create an account and add $5 for account activation that will be late used toward shipping credit.
  2. A reserved space is given to every person in their California warehouse on registration.
  3. You can use this warehouse as the shipping address for your orders and shopping packages.
  4. After receiving your packages, they will send them to you on your own address outside the US.
  5. They also give package consolidation services to minimize the shipping costs.

After registering with planet Express, you can shop from any US-based e-commerce website and have your packages sent to you. You get to enjoy great deals and prices on various items being sold. Also, they, make sure that the packages that you ordered are all accounted for and stored at a safe location before shipping. Thus you get to enjoy amazing online shopping experience without any worries.