Keep in mind that, if you fear that there will be a lot of trouble at home, from the age of five a good alternative is to celebrate the party outside. You can take the children to the cinema, to the zoo, to some beautiful environment where they can play or to a children’s leisure park specializing in birthday parties.

Another solution is to talk to a company through, youth association, or scout group dedicated to organizing birthday parties at home. In this way, you will keep the children under the family roof, but the party’s organization will be in the hands of someone else.

Prepare A List Of Directed Games In Advance.

Sometimes the kids get really out of hand at their parties and start the jungle and unnecessary fighting. In part, this happens because, although they are playing, they do not know what to do. If you want to ensure a sustained and (almost) fight-free game at the children’s birthday party, you can prepare a list of games like the ones we propose here. Besides, in summer you can take advantage of hot days to organize water games.

Another point to keep in mind to surprise children at their birthday party is the snack that you will prepare for them. Of course, the alternative of Mozilla and sausage sandwiches is very valid, very accepted, and the best option if you are short of time. However, you can also prepare a fun snack with fruit or serve cookies that you have made yourself.

 As a culmination of the afternoon snack, you can also surprise all the guests with an original birthday cake. Do not be afraid if you count celiac children among your guests. Organizing a party in which they can participate without problems is easier than you imagine if you keep the correct food order and hygiene rules.