Its high time bridesmaids need to stop dreading about the dress they will have to wear on the wedding day. Modern brides are trendy as well as reasonable when it comes to selecting a bridesmaid dress. Today’s bride understands that no one wants to spend money on a gown which they cannot reuse. Also, the bridesmaid dress styles in the market have really changed a lot over the years. You will hardly see any ugly or poofy bridesmaid dress in any bridal shop. On the contrary, bridesmaid dresses have become classy, sexy and elegant.

Other than bridal shops, a large market for shopping bridesmaid dresses has evolved online where you can find beautiful bridesmaid dresses at extremely competitive prices. Azazie is one such online bridal boutique which sells a wide variety of custom sized bride and bridesmaids dresses at heavy discounted rates.

Each bride has her own vision of how her bridal party should look on her big day. To further help any bride to choose her bridesmaid dresses, we have listed a few looks which are trending this season;

The Two-Piece Gown:

The two-piece bridesmaid dress is not a very recent trend, but it is here to stay for a long time. In the sitcom ‘Friends’, Rachelle and Phoebe are seen to be wearing elegant two-piece bridesmaid dress on Monica and Chandler’s wedding. This trend is old and continues to make a mark still.

Different Lengths:

Let the ladies choose the length which suits them the best. Different dress lengths bring an interesting look to the wedding. Another trend which is going wild especially after the big wedding of Blair and Chuck from the famous sitcom ‘The Gossip Girl’ in which the bridesmaids wore cute knee length dresses whereas the maid of honor- Serena got to wear a long flowy ivory bridesmaid dress.

Let them Sparkle:

The modern look is also glamorous with bridesmaid dresses with a certain amount of sparkle to them. The best part is you do not need to accessorize this dress as it just does not need jewelry to add any shine.

Ivory and White Bridesmaid Dresses:

Gone are the days when it was disrespectful for the bridesmaid to wear a white dress to the wedding. The trend of wearing a white bridesmaid dress was started by Pippa Middleton when we all saw her in a sexy as well as elegant white bridesmaid dress at Kate Middleton’s wedding.

Mixed Fabrics

Your bridesmaids do not need to wear the same material dress. Different material bridesmaid dresses can be incorporated in a wedding by tying it all together using a common element like the same shade of color.

Printed Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses:

In earlier days, bridesmaids were bound to wear a uni-color dress from head-to-toe. Those days are gone, modern brides have the option to commit to a pattern like floral or polka. Different shades of colors can be chosen by the ladies but the pattern ties them together.

Different Colors:

 Bridesmaids are not restricted to wearing the same color dresses. Modern weddings incorporate bridesmaid wearing different colored dresses. There just needs to be some co-ordination like the dresses needs to be hues of the same color or the bridesmaids can wear different pastel colored dresses.

Different Styles:

Today’s women do not wear dresses which do not flatter their figure. Your bridesmaids would want to wear style they look the best in. Modern bridesmaids are given the option of choosing their own style, the bride just gives them few guidelines like color or length of the dress to match a common theme.

Each bridesmaid has a different personality and style and letting her choose her attire for the day is encouraging her to embrace her persona. A shining bridesmaid and unconventional unique dressing styles, what better can you ask for on your wedding day?