How Much Does It Cost to Get a Watch Approved?

A watch appraisal is a process that determines a timepiece’s value. This information can be used for tax and insurance purposes.

Many customers get their watches re-appraised regularly to ensure they have proper insurance protection. This includes a valuable articles policy, such as the one offered by Big Watch Buyers.

Insurance appraisals will help you find out how much it would cost to replace your item should it be lost or stolen. However, the valuation will fluctuate over time.


The cost of a watch appraisal depends on a number of factors. The size of the watch, the make and model, as well as the rarity, all contribute to its value. In addition, the condition of the watch is also taken into consideration. While minor scratches and nicks are common, significant damage to a watch can significantly reduce its overall worth.

Additionally, an appraiser will consider whether the watch has any original paperwork or boxes. While this does not necessarily affect the monetary value of the watch, it can help to legitimize its worth in the eyes of potential buyers and investors. In some cases, a buyer may even be willing to pay more for a watch with its original papers and box than for one without it.

An important consideration for anyone looking to have a luxury watch appraised is the reputation of the person conducting the assessment. A reputable and experienced professional should be able to provide an accurate, detailed valuation. They should be able to demonstrate their knowledge of watches through their ongoing professional development and their participation in trade events and in the International Watch and Jewelry Guild (IWJG).

While a watch appraisal is not required by law, it can be very helpful when trying to sell a Pre-Owned Rolex or any other luxury timepiece. It will ensure that you are selling your watch for a fair price that is in line with similar watches available in the market. It will also provide you with the confidence that you are protected in case the watch is lost, stolen or damaged.

In the end, it’s worth the investment to have your watch professionally assessed and backed by a reputable company. The process takes around an hour to complete and will take into account the watch’s history, condition, materials, rarity, and demand. While it is not required for any sale or insurance claim, an evaluation will give you peace of mind and the confidence that your watch is a sound financial investment. An expert will provide a clear and precise estimate that can be used for insurance, tax, or other purposes.

Pricing Structures

Getting the most money possible when selling a watch requires knowledge, evaluation, researching prices, and patience. The pathway from a watch to cash-in-hand is not unlike the process of getting a car appraised before selling it; however, there are many more moving parts when it comes to jewelry. The value of a watch is influenced by its reputation, rarity, and general condition. This makes a watch appraisal more complex than an automobile appraisal.

Authenticity is a significant factor in determining the value of a watch. This can be determined by inspecting the serial number and/or model identifier and performing a search on online databases. For example, Rolex watches have a unique coding system that allows for an easy search. Other brands of luxury watches may have similar systems. It is essential to work with an appraiser who has access to these resources and knows how to use them.

The brand name and the quality of craftsmanship are also key factors in a watch appraisal. This is why working with a certified watchmaker is important. A well-known, reputable watchmaker will have connections to dealers that can help verify the authenticity of a watch and its value. They will also know which brands are most desirable for resale and can assist with determining the age of a watch.

It is crucial to remember that the value of a watch changes constantly. While there are certain watches that hold their value, most will depreciate over time. This is why it is important to get your pieces regularly appraised and serviced. The service will keep your piece in the best condition possible and ensure that it retains its value.

Depending on the type of watch you own, your appraiser may charge a flat fee for the assessment or charge by the hour. It is important to choose an appraiser that charges fairly for their services and doesn’t try to take advantage of you. Avoid appraisers who charge a percentage of the final sale price since this is often considered a conflict of interest. Also, it is important to be wary of appraisers who base their fees on the size or make/brand of a watch.

Insurance Appraisals

Watches are valuable to many people for their beauty, rarity and functionality. For those who wish to protect their investment with insurance, a comprehensive appraisal is required. A watch appraisal provides a current replacement value of the piece for insurance purposes, as well as detailed description of the piece and its condition. This type of appraisal differs from a free market valuation, which is usually higher than the actual value due to desirability and depreciation.

The most important factor in determining the value of a watch is its rarity. A rare movement caliber, complication or case style/material will increase the value of a watch significantly compared to a more common version. This is why collectors often focus their collection around a specific brand, mechanical complications or case styles.

Authenticity is also another major factor in the price of a watch. In this regard, it’s important to find an appraiser who is familiar with assessing the authenticity of watches. This includes verifying the serial number and determining the correct model identifier in order to evaluate the history of a watch. In addition, an appraiser should be familiar with the history of the watch manufacturer in order to help substantiate the claim that a particular watch is a true and authentic example of its genre.

While an insurance appraisal is an excellent service to have, it is important to understand that the value of jewelry items is highly dependent on demand and therefore does not hold a fixed value. This makes it necessary for an appraisal to be updated on a regular basis to reflect the most current values.

A good way to keep track of your watch’s value is to have a reputable company, like Worthy, conduct an inspection and provide an updated report. The process is simple, secure and confidential. In addition, Worthy is the only watch resale marketplace that offers the ability to have your watch insured for its full value with the most competitive premiums. This protection can be crucial if you decide to sell your watch in the future or need to file an insurance claim due to loss or damage.


A watch appraisal is the process of evaluating a pre-owned watch and determining its value. This type of evaluation is important for a number of reasons, including insurance scheduling, estate, and tax-related purposes. A good watch appraisal will take a number of things into consideration, including the watch’s condition and authenticity. It will also take into account its rarity and overall value.

In order to get a true valuation for your watch, it is important to find an appraiser that is reputable and experienced. You should also make sure to choose one that charges by the hour and not a flat fee. The latter can encourage some individuals to appraise the piece for a higher amount than it is worth so that they can make more money.

The size and make of the watch are important factors in determining its value. It is also important to find an appraiser that is familiar with the particular watch’s brand. This is because some brands have a reputation for quality that is not always present in other watches. It is also important to find out whether your watch has any unique features or if it was commissioned by a specific person.

Another important factor that should be taken into consideration is the age of the watch. Unlike newer watches, old pocket watches are often very expensive and can be considered rare. In fact, the most expensive pocket watch ever sold at auction was a Patek Philippe model that fetched 24 million dollars.

While it may seem like a hassle to have your watch appraised, it is actually a worthwhile investment. A well-made watch can easily sell for a high price, and it is important to know its value before you attempt to sell it. In addition, an insurance appraisal can help you replace your watch if it is stolen or damaged. Insurance appraisals are typically more accurate than free market value appraisals because they take into account depreciation. However, both types of appraisals can be affected by the economy, so it is best to have them done regularly.

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