Surprise your loved ones by presenting the real pearl necklace which will be a valuable and memorable gift this will showcase the purity of the relationship. The pearl necklace will be loved by the woman’s for sure as it gives an elegant look that makes them to feel graceful. The pearl necklaces were not only look classy also it suits for every outfit so that you no need to get mad on selecting the jewelleries when hurrying up to parties or functions.

  • The pearl necklaces were the perfect match for both traditional and modern attires.
  • You can find vast collection of pearl necklaces in different designs with varying price range.

You can see various types of pearl necklaces from that you can buy anything you like but before purchasing make sure it is a real pearl necklace or not as nowadays you can find lot of pearl necklace made of imitation pearls which are available in the market. In order to get rid of buying the fake pearl jewellery you need to check the necklace once whether it is made up of real pearls or not before buying.

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What is a real pearl?

Before buying a real pearl necklace you must need to know what is a real pearl means then only you can able to identify the pearl necklace is made up of real pearls or not. The real pearls are found in the ocean or sea which is formed in the oyster. The real pearls were exist in two categories are natural pearls and cultured pearls whereas the natural pearls are formed organically in nature which are rare to find in the market as only a very few were available and the cultured pearls are formed as natural pearls with man’s input it is grown in a shellfish or mollusc these are 99% real pearls which is widely available in market nowadays.

  • The cultured pearls are available in many varieties are freshwater, akoya, tahitian and south sea pearls.
  • The imitation pearls are known to be fake pearls which are not made by undergoing the natural process of making pearls.
  • The professional jewellers will easily identifies the fake and real pearls as they know the exact differences between them.

How to identify the real pearls?

You can identify the real pearls by determining the following factors that will differentiate the real pearls and fake pearls. The real pearls were not perfect always as they will be perfect rarely so need to check for the slight imperfections. Slight imperfections means to the irregular shape or small blemishes and when you turn the pearl their outer layer reflects the light means then it will be a real pearl while the imitation pearls were perfect in round shaped and their surface were available without any imperfections. Even though you can find real pearls in round shape but it is highly rare. You can determine the real pearls by using the strands as the strands of the pearls are perfect and inexpensive then it will be a fake as the making perfect strands were too costly.

You need to watch the lustre of the pearls keenly as the lustre of the good quality pearl will be bright where you can see your reflection itself and the lustre of the pearls which seems to be look very dull and faded are of very low quality. The overtones of the pearls need to be considered as the good quality pearls were prized for their overtones whereas overtone is a fine colour which will be visible on the outer surface of the pearl when it is been exposed to the light. The white pearl will have the silver overtone which is most popular else rose overtone and it is the traditional ones. The pearls with ivory overtones are having vintage look while you can’t find the clear visible overtone simulated pearls. Have a look around the pearl drilled hole in which the pearls stung along a strand comes with drilled hole to pass the silk string with this you can came to know whether it is real pearl or not as the real pearls have well defined edges also when the pearls get rubbed with each other the colour never fades away but the imitation pearls have rough or round edges in that the colour fades when the pearls rub with each other. By determining these factors you can ensure that the pearl necklace is a real pearl necklace.

The cost of real pearl necklace and where to buy

The costs of real pearl necklace are highly expensive and the price of the pearl necklace varies for each and every type. The pricing of the pearl necklace were declared by reviewing their factors as the pearls were differ based on their factors so the value will also differ according to that. You can check the pricing of real pearl necklace in online itself and you can buy the real pearl necklace made of any type of culture pearls in jewellery shops or in online itself as there are websites available for purchasing the real pearl necklaces and other real pearl jewelleries also the cost will be available.

When purchasing the real pearl jewellery in online from is better than buying in jewellery shop as you can have a view of the vast collection of various types of real pearl necklaces and the images of the necklaces were presented for viewing the designs also the product description will be provided for the reference of user to know about the product better. You can find lot of collections for every price range that will help you to get the best one in your budget. You can add the pearl necklaces which you would like to buy in your shopping cart once the selection is done you can proceed for payment to place the order for the product. Once you done with your payment you will be redirected to the page where you can track the order which you placed. Even you can make financial investments in pearls as it is highly worthy because the value of the pearl retain for lifetime.