Vegan Bags Are Not Just for Vegans

Obviously, the 21st century mind is not just a benefactor of millennial goodies but also a mind that enquires and is more inquisitive in all ramifications. It is to this end that people are becoming aware of many things they do, be it from dieting to body fitness, to adoption of technology, line of fashion and in general psychology of choices. Hence, the identification with a group of people with the same belief or cause, one of which is veganism.

Veganism in a way has become more common due to people’s understanding of what they eat or due to inquisitiveness on how and what they consume, but beyond that, it has generated into many phases like fashion where vegans become conscious of what they put together in their fashion collections, so as not to indirectly bruise their promise to the protection for the animal kingdom by any means of cruelty.

Out of these various fashion awareness for vegans is where vegan bags are found. Exquisitely and elegantly made bags that are 100 percent made from NO cruelty materials that represent the love for animals in various directions. Materials like stainless steel, fake fur, microfiber, PVC plastic, jute and aluminum are carefully crafted to arrive at outstanding designs that redefine fashion in a more deserving approach to make echoing fashion statements on different terrains.

Usually, when vegan bags are mentioned, the mind runs backwards to designs made for grandmas and non-trendy group of people but with the introduction of new designers like us at Benga Rabbit and others who have decided to mix art with technology in their fashion design and  awareness for animal lives, we have made it possible that not only vegans would be attracted to vegan made bags but everyone who are looking for bag designs that are not just boring or appear like zeitgeist in the bag industry.

The evolution of vegan bags has made it possible that you don’t have to be vegan before you can use vegan made bag designs. You may only have sincere empathy for animals and in essence leads to appreciating non-cruelty products like bag designs and fashion. These vegan bags not only make you appreciate fashion in a new way but also brings environmental protection to your consciousness as a human that understands his ecosystem. And due to the materials they are made from, they come in affordable prices and give value for money in terms of durability and beauty.

According to, cruelty-free fashion is at it’s peak with more and more manufacturers that are catering to vegan customers. Today, about half a million british citizens are considered vegan and the numbers growing steadily. As the awerness to animal suffering grows we see the demand for cruelty-free fashion grows as well. Vegan clothes and accessories are popular more than ever and the prices today are rather convenient. The Vegan comunity is a very aware and active one. You can easily find lists of approved brands. Those products usually carry a unique logo with the latter’s “PETA-Approved Vegan”. Materials used range from high-quality PU to vegan leather, polyester fibers, and recycled nylon. Most brands will list all the material used on their websites.

At Benga rabbit our bags range from cool and trendy laptop bags for women, synthetic leather handbags, stylish student handbags, trendy handbags for women, charismatic vegan leather messenger bag, urban handbags, cruelty free designer bags, etc. All of these and more made with aesthetic artistic designs and prints are available on our store at Benga Rabbit.

Visit our store today and join the bag revolution for everyone!

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