Do you have an engagement ring you cannot stand to wear anymore? How about old broken gold jewellery that you have been collecting for years. Instead of keeping all this in your house you should think about offloading All this gold and getting some real good money for it. If he showered you with jewellery and ended up breaking your heart the best thing to do is not to get mad or sad. Cash in all that gold. Take all that gold and exchange it for cold, hard cash.

Take your gold to Melbourne buyers of gold. In the case of a gold engagement ring, however you might want to take a moment to consider your options. And this is why: most gold buyers are more concerned with the actual gold, they may or may not consider the design or the precious diamond on the ring. You may need the cash soon, but you could end up short-changing yourself if you don’t get the true value of your jewellery. Gold buyers are more interested in the quantity of gold. That is what they make their money from. If you inherited some jewellery made from gold and you decided to sell, you might get different offers from individuals and gold dealers. An individual who is interested in your item because of its age will most likely give you a price that takes into account the age and the history of the item. A gold dealer on the other hand is only interested in the gold content and nothing else. The type of buyer you get will determine the price you can get for your gold item. If you have fine jewellery the first place you should go is to a jeweller who will be able to value the gold for both it’s looks and it’s intrinsic value. Compare what the jeweller says about your gold jewellery with what a gold dealer gives you and sell to whoever gives you the best price.

There are advantages to selling your gold to a dealer. We know that in order to make a profit the dealer has to be able to buy the gold below its market value in order to make up for the equipment, labour and transportation costs when he has to re-sell. For this reason, a dealer may offer you less money than a collector or a jeweller would. However, gold dealers or brokers are able to offer consistent prices for items that might not have any redeeming value to an investor. So if your old antique gold article does not elicit any interest from collectors, then the only other option you have is a gold dealer. The only best price you will get in this case is the dealer’s price.  It will be consistent with the market value of gold.

So that bad breakup can end up opening up new doors for you. You can sell that jewellery and treat yourself to a holiday in the Bahamas. If you’ve wondered what to do with grandmas antique gold jewellery, then now you know sell it to Melbourne buyers of gold and get cold hard cash for it.