On a regular basis, you should assess the uniform needs of your restaurant. By speaking with your employees, and just generally observing the work environment, you can see what items work and where your uniforms can improve. With the right uniforms, you can help improve the productivity and job satisfaction of your employees. Consider these four following types of restaurant uniforms to find the best ones for your employees.

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Butcher Wrap

When you have butcher wraps on hand for your employees, they can quickly and easily gear up for tough, messy jobs. This uniform piece wraps tightly around the front and ties at the side for complete coverage. The butcher wrap can come with a turned down collar or without to best meet the preferences of your employees. The 100 percent spun polyester looks and feels great, even after the longest of workdays.

Bib Apron

Bib aprons are a must in restaurant environments where job descriptions overlap considerably. Your employees can quickly grab a bib apron and throw it over host or hostess clothing to complete any job without worry. These bib aprons come in nearly a dozen colors, so you can customize the look to match your restaurant’s color scheme.

Four-Way Apron

The four way apron has a professional appeal while offering your employees complete coverage from spills, splashes and other mishaps. The braid ties have a strong, tubular construction that helps them hold tight during demanding stretches of the day. The straightforward styling allows this type of restaurant uniforms to perform to the best of its ability.

Wrap-Around Smock

The wrap-around smock has long sleeves and a tie at the waist to protect the clothing underneath at all times. The blended poplin material wicks away sweat and helps keep your employees cool. Three pockets at the chest and waist allow for quick access to tools and items needed on the job. The lightweight design offers complete coverage without added bulk that could slow down or otherwise hinder your employees.

Acquiring Restaurant Uniforms for Your Team

When you have the right kinds of uniform pieces on hand for your employees, you give them the tools to complete their daily tasks with ease. You can work with your uniform rental provider to find uniform pieces that will best support the needs of your employees. You can also look online to browse through the pieces that will complete your collection of restaurant uniforms. Either way, you can rent or lease the uniforms you need to help your restaurant excel.