Do you know that back to school season is the season where some parents make money? Are you surprised because you have been thinking that this is the time that you spend a lot of money on the school supplies? Yes you are not alone in sharing this view. Thousands of parents hold similar views and as a result they dread the back to school season. However, you do not have to and these are the reasons why you do not have to dread this season.

You should know that during this season all the parents including you are looking for school supplies. This readily gives you a market and people who are interested in finding good quality school supplies like backpacks. Normally, you will be buying your school supplies from a retail store. You are likely to be paying $25 or $30 for a good quality backpack. Before you buy your backpacks and other stuff, you are likely to be scouring the web trying to find the best store to order and for the best prices. Now instead of searching for your school supplies in the retail market, try to go through the same process looking for wholesale suppliers.

When you order wholesale backpacks you are going to be saving a lot of money. Do not think that it will be in the range of just 20% or 30% but it will be in the range of 90% savings. However, you cannot order just one or two backpacks while ordering from the wholesale store. If you want to buy school backpacks at $3 per piece you will need to order a whole case. This is where you get to save money and also make some extra money. You can sell the surplus that you get in your wholesale backpacks case to other parents in your neighborhood. This is not going to be difficult task at all because everyone is looking for school supplies during this season.

Order your wholesale backpacks well ahead of time so that you can send the word out about the available stocks. You can boost the sales by pricing it lower than the other online stores and this will still fetch you a decent profit.

Some parents also look for toys to bribe children who throw tantrums to go to school. If you can add to your inventory some toys you can capture that market too. Along with wholesale school supplies store, try to also look for wholesale toys store and this will make your collections even more impressive. However, you would want to be careful with how much money you invest in toys so that you do not end up with a whole case of toys that you do not get to sell. You will certainly not end up in loss because all these stuff could be stored and used as gifts or sell to people who are looking for replacement backpacks after the back to school season.