As we have already discussed the disadvantages of copied watches now, it turns to disclose some advantages. The biggest advantage of wearing copy watches is you don’t have to spend thousands of money just for a timepiece. You can get exactly same first-hand copy of any branded watch in just few hundred which will give you a classy look. This is considered as the best feature of copied watches.

Common pros of wearing copied watches:

Common pro of wearing a copied watch is its price. But there are many advantages of them for example, if you’re going for some highly formalized event and you know look without watch is incomplete and consider as informal. Of course you can’t spend half of your salary on buying some branded watch, you can just go for a replica and complete your look with the touch of formal. First hand-copied watches are much more reliable and have good quality material which is best for day to day use as compared with second or third hand-copied watches. Just imagine for a moment you belong form normal background and somehow manage to buy a branded watch. You are wearing that watch, and suddenly you got trapped by street snatchers, it feels so scary. So in order to avoid the fear of snatching you can walk fear free at street with these copied watches.

Different qualities in copied watches:

There are different grades in copied watches, for example A1 grade. A1 grade is the best copy among all copied watches; they have stain less material with 95% accuracy in structure. In the world of counterfeit watch industry counterfeit watch AAA class [นาฬิกาเกรด aaa, which is the term in Thai] is also well known for its low price, quality, and its metal. Which makes it different from other brands. Due to its popularity, the market share rate of AAA class watches producing companies are increasing rapidly. Even many large companies now a day’s producing fake copies of different branded watches.