Almost all men like to wear denim pants. Youngsters love to wear denim clothing. Denim is very durable and affordable material for nearly every person. You can get various ravishing styles in this genre of clothing. Denim clothes will work with almost every kind of accessories. You can look stylish in it even wearing sneakers. The denim style was originated in France, and soon it became popular very fast all around the world. This is because the type of texture and the fabric itself was unique. No other fabric is more durable than this. There are various types of denim that are being originated all across the world, some of them are:

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Dry denim: It is also known as the raw denim because no changes are made to it. This type of denim is used in the same way as it is manufactured in the factory. No alteration or modifications are done to the material. The fabric is very durable as well as rugged to withstand any kind of clothing. It looks good even when it gets fade. This is the reason why it is always high in demand. You can find it often used in jeans. You must have seen people wearing old jeans that are made from this fabric, it looks stylish.

Selvage denim: It is very hard to unravel the edges of selvage denim. This is made on shuttle looms that with a single thread. Makers usually stitch this type of denim with colored thread at the edges for cooler look.

Poly denim: This type of denim is specifically made for those who want light weighted jeans. It also dries out quicker. It gives very casual look. The poly denim jeans usually preferred by older people.

Stretch denim: This is formed by mixing the cotton with spandex. The ratio generally is nearly 98 is to 2 between the two materials. It is very comfortable and provides ease in the movement to the body. This is the newest type of denim.