Diamond is considered the women’s best friend. Women always like diamond and giving them diamond ring on the engagement is the best thing.  The bride will always love the Diamond engagement ring [แหวน หมั้น เพชร, which is the term in Thai]. And it is the groom’s responsibility to put a smile on his bride. Because he will be the one after marriage who is supposed to take care of her. Like her daddy taken care of her like a princess. And it will start by giving the diamond engagement ring.

The diamond ring will show the bride how much the groom cares about her likes and dislikes. That is main thing for the relationship. And it will decide how the partner will spend their rest of life. Because everything starts from the root. If the root is weak then how the tree will form. So, give the bride a diamond ring and to show affection and love.

The diamond ring is always the first choice for engagement

The diamond ring is the first choice of every would-be married couple. Because every woman wants diamond and the groom always tries to fulfil the wishes of the bride. It is a necessary thing that every groom should do. And as most of the women like diamond rings that is why Diamond engagement ring [แหวน หมั้น เพชร แท้, which is the term in Thai] is always considered as a first choice of the engagement.

Buy from a genuine jewellery shop 

The diamond ring is a costly product which comes at paying some good amount of money. And after paying so much money no one wants a fake product. Because in the market artificial diamond is also available to fool the users. So, buy diamond rings from genuine jewellery shop.