One of the largest industries that have remained unaffected by the global economic recession is the skincare products Industry. It is because of  the fact that taking care of skin is one of the most basic health care techniques there exist. Now if you look at the wide range of skincare products from different brands you will find that Night facial cream (ครีมบำรุงหน้ากลางคืน , which is the term in Thai) is one of the many products whose sell has grown over the years. Now the simplest explanation of this phenomenon is the fact that night cream helps in not only reducing wrinkles or dark circles but it actually nourishes the facial skin to a great extent. Now before you go on buying some mediocre quality of night cream first understand what makes up a good quality night facial cream.

What are the qualities of a good night facial cream?

Night facial cream needs to be light and must be usable of every skin type out there. The formula needs to be tested clinically. Only clinically tested formula from global brands and their labs should be used on the skin in the first place. Now when it comes to globally applicable formula for different skin types be that oily, dry and sensitive ones there are only a handful of global brands with actually tested formulas. Now among the many global brands Lancome Paris is the best one without any doubt.

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