Crops tops are trending fashion ideas for the contemporary generation. It offers a way to display your belly in a subtle way and make you look like a diva. Those who think that crop tops are for slim physique, they need to think twice. It can be wield by any type of body when the right way is known. 

The summer time is ideal for wearing crop tops. In fact, it can also be a part of spring fashion when you add a jacket or a blazer over it. You will need the right accessories to pair with a crop top and make your ensemble complete from all directions. Don’t worry. Follow the tips mentioned below to know how to wear a crop top in public.

Tips to follow

  • First Choose the Right Top

The first step is to find the right length of a crop top you want to admire. Choose the right top first and then you can proceed to the next step. There are beautiful concepts in this aspect to adore. Some of the tops just end a little after the bra line ends inside. Some extends a little above the belly button whereas you will find some tops ranging up to your waistband but leaving a hint of a bare belly.

For starters, you need to concentrate on the basic ones first. Find a flattering fit first and see whether the crop top ranges up to your waistline. When you build up confidence, you can raise the length a little higher.

  • How to find a Bottom to Pair with the Top

Remember the one rule regarding finding the right fit for crop tops. If you find a loose fit top, you will have to pair it with a tight bottom. The vice versa is also true and tested. If your crop top is loose, you will add a pair of hot pants or shorts with it. You can also go for skinny jeans with such tops. If your top hugs you tightly then you will need a loose outfit below. Go for pleated skirts. If the skin-hugging top has a full sleeve design, you must add a loose short skirt to it.

  • Stay Casual and Comfortable

When it comes to a crop top, keep it casual. Choose soothing and neutral colors. Keeping it simple will help you to dress well and deliver confidence. Go for graphic designs or striped crop tops that define your age well. The top can either taper around the waistline or hang straight to give you more freedom.

  • High Waist Bottom Wear for Low Cut Tops

Pairing a high waist short pant or a pair of jeans with a low cut crop top will make a celebrity overnight. It is something the celebrities prefer to wear when they are out for shopping or some casual event. 

  • What to Do When It Is Cold?

You can find adorable crop top sweater versions online and add to your collection. These designs have full sleeves but a cropped bottom to show your belly. Make sure you are comfortable wearing this in the chilly days. 

  • Cold Shoulder Crop Top with Skirt

This is the perfect party dress you can add to your collection. A cold shoulder top with a skirt will be ideal to dress up in a classy way and leave a hint of flirt for the boys there.


These are the ways you can wear a crop top for different occasions and seasons. Choose the right colors and designs that suit your physique well and make you look beautiful.