Sex reassignment is becoming more and more common due to gender dysphoria. People are confused about their gender, confused if the body they were given is their or not. If we talk about the global stats, people spend approximately 202 million USD in sex reassignment surgeries. From the global stats, sex reassignment surgery thailand ranks at the second spot with about more than 26% of the market share. A major surge has been seen in patients who want to change their sex from male to female or female to male. The stats have increased nearly fourfold in the last decade. If we only talk about the US, 3,250 patients went ahead to change their gender and it was 19% more compared to the previous year.

Sex reassignment surgery in Thailand

Being ranked at the second spot in the sex reassignment market, the Thai doctors perform many surgeries in a year. This has made Thailand a more favorable and affordable spot for sex change in the whole world. The sex reassignment surgery thailand costs around a third to half if we compare the rates with the US. Sex change costs in Thailand range somewhere between $8,000 to $13,000 depending upon the technique. For example, the male to female sex change is determined by the factor of vaginal dept. If you want a vagina with a dept enough for sexual penetration, it will cost a lot more than just a regular vagina.

Quality of sex reassignment surgeries in Thailand

People may think that affordable rates in Thailand mean a lower success rate and poor quality. In fact, Thailand is very famous and reputable among the medical community because of the quality of healthcare they provide. Countless Thai medical institutes and hospitals have been recognized having international standards. If we talk about the experiences of the doctors and the medical staff in case of sex reassignment surgeries, the first sex-change surgery was done way back in 1975. So, choosing Thailand will be your best bet for an affordable and quality sex-change operation.