Spring has sprung, and there is no better time of year for a white wedding. Flowers are blooming; the sun is shining; the weather is not too hot or too cold. Your spring wedding is coming together. You have the invites sent out, rsvp back, dressed picked out, and perfect partner waiting to say I do at the end of the aisle. You’re just missing one little thing decorations. You are at a loss as to how to decorate for your beautiful spring wedding. Never fear for inspiration is never far, especially with all of the flowers around. They could even be the foundation you were looking for.


Wild Flowers Here And There

One way to cut down on decorations and the floral cost is to head out into the more rural areas of your city or town and pick and cut your own wildflowers that you want for centerpieces and bouquets. Incorporating a daisy chain crown on your bridesmaids can be youthful and playful. I may be out of date, but I love a good flower crown as well. Your bridesmaids can wear flower crowns. The flowers you used in the flower crowns can be used in flower wreaths and used as centerpieces with candles or vases of acorns, nuts, rocks, or seeds in the middle of the bouquets.


Country Chic

Let’s put a little country into that decor. Purchasing old instruments that down work anymore can be used as created table decorations. You can also make them into sigs for the wedding. Stringing the instruments from a tree can make a great photo opportunity for wedding guests. Don’t forget about hay bales; they can be used for seating or set up as tables for appetizers and desserts. If you are afraid the hay could cause allergies, wine barrels are great to work as tables or converted into benches or chairs. Picking up some wood signs from a local craft store can make great signs for any country wedding.


Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Another fun and creative idea are to let the flowers do the talking. You could rent a field of wildflowers for your reception and set your tables right in the middle of the grasses and weeds. Next, use only flowers as your decorations. Hang glass jars with water in the tress with waterproof lights and fresh flowers in each and every jar. To add a bit of sparkle, you can use colored jars when the lights are lit up; it will be a spectacular view. Another fun thing to do would rent some baby goats, chicks, and bunnies. The field will feed the animals, and your guest will be delighted with the fussy guest that have been invited.


Keep The Theme In Your Wedding Stationery

Many people would not consider their wedding program templates and wedding menu template as decor but being able to have your stationery match your wedding theme will ensure that everything looks absolutely perfectly.


Spring brings flowers might as well use them as your inspiration for decor or simply use them as your decor. These are just a few ideas of decor ideas that you could use. There is a whole internet out there of spring decor ideas you could use better yet take a bath, do some yoga or take a walk in nature. However, you receive inspiration, seek it, and let it help guide you to work the decor that is best for you.