Bob Dylan was born in the port of Duluth and was raised in the one-horse mining town of Hibbing. Although he lived around the blue-collar laborers he never imagined himself like them in future. He used to love the world of mythical heroes who are known for their great journeys and he wanted to do the same. He left his house when he became young to discover the beautiful world. The original name of Bob Dylan was Bobby Zimmerman but he changed his name when he decided to travel the world. He left college and his house for traveling the world.

He was awarded Nobel Prize for the Literature and a first for the musician. He has lived life in various ways in a short span. He is an inspiration to those who want to travel the world and want to fly away. He never loved homes and that’s why he became a traveler. It is true that the person who can make his home anywhere can definitively become a traveler. He used to love traditional music and storytelling. He was a kind of creative person who wanted to live his life by his own rules. For knowing more about him, you can read the article written by Jeff Gage named as Finding a Place to Call Home for The North’s Own Bob Dylan.

 He has also written songs and recorded his own album which was loved by people. Although his all of the possessions are in Minnesota he said he doesn’t want to die at that place. He loves New York but he is doubtful about dying there because he is not of New York. He himself might know where else he wants to live his life. He is the person who has seen different locations in his life and would never think of settling at a place. He is like a bird who wants to just fly in the sky.