Imagine yourself at a situation where you are getting ready for the most important meeting of this month. You have chosen the next shirt that enhances your eyes paired with smart looking blazer and pants. And you realize that one of your shirt buttons is missing. And well, you are not an expert in sewing the same and your wife already for work. And the odds are minimal to find the exact button in the store again.

Now you might have to change your entire attire that you were so ready for. And guess what: such situations are quite common. And those buttons for sewing might not be available every time. Either you might not get the same color or may be the size does not match the other buttons. 

Of course, you do not have time to ask for help from the tailor right away. But you do not want to say goodbye to this shirt. However, you can surely avoid such hassles the next time. Wondering how? Auxilry believes in ‘no-sew’ button technology. 

Why is ‘no-swe’ technology better?

Well, if you are wondering that you are okay with your regular buttons, and then let’s not forget the troubles they invite at odd timings when you are getting late and you just do not have time to sew a new button. 

As a matter of fact, regular shirt button can just limit your style statement with the boring and same color button every time you wear that shirt. But with no sew technology; you can play around with different segment of buttons every time on a single shirt. 

So now you can wear that perfect suit to your important meeting. And if you cannot find the button, just twist the button fastener ad place another button on top. Easy Peasy!