The festive season is around the corner, and it is advisable that you learn a few tips on how to dress your kids. Undoubtedly, you would want your kids to look like pretty princes and princesses which will make you proud in front of your guests and friends. However, with the wide variety of holiday dresses for kids in the market, you may have a hard time selecting the best clothing for your kids. Here are a few tips to help you during this holiday season shopping.

While everyone wants to see the girls in lovely dresses and little boys in suits, you also have to ensure that the clothes you purchase are suitable for your child’s age. Obviously, kids need to move about with ease hence the clothing should be of the right size. Also, the fabric should not give you a hard time while cleaning stains after they have soiled it during their playtime. Below are several tips on how to make a purchase.


Keep the infant clothing simple since they will soil it a few minutes after dressing them. Regardless, that does not mean that you should not buy elegant gowns and suits for them. However, keep these for photo shoots and when presenting your infant to guests.


When it comes to crawlers, do away with long skirts, as they are likely to be caught between the legs. You should go for shorts or short dress and leggings to make their movement easy. When the kid is moving about, remove their shoes leaving them with the socks which enhances easy movement.

Active toddlers 

Considering that they are recently independent kids, active toddlers cannot stay calm. Avoid clothing with collars, as they will be a magnet for juices and soups. Moreover, avoid long sleeves, as they will be dragged into the gravy, water, or dirt. Buy both sneakers and penny loafers as they are light and easy to walk around with. They can wear the loafers to church and play around with sneakers.

Big kids 

You have a wide choice for any child over the age of three. Get holiday dresses for them as according to their personality and personal taste.

If you go for long pants and shirts for the boys, consider a shirt that looks great when untucked since the kid will untuck it anyway. A pair of pants with an elastic band is preferable especially if he is still wearing diapers.

The girls will be lifting their skirts from time to time. As such, you should consider some cool tights to hide the diaper. The tights should allow easy movement hence you should consider buying a size up. When it comes to shoes, those with Velcro fasteners are easy to put on. If you are going upcountry and the kids are likely to get dirty, consider denim styles, as they do not show stains.