The following are numerous kinds of bathtowel [ผ้าเช็ดตัว, which is the term in Thai] you will likely discover as you go shopping. A lot of pros and cons are there for each type, in addition to cost distinctions that you need to take into account.

  • Egyptian as well as Turkish Cotton Towels

The most high-end towels are Egyptian as well as Turkish cotton towels. While there are refined differences in between these two items, they’re comparable in their premium quality as well as exceptional performance, and huge price tag. Egyptian cotton towels are often considered as the very best towels you can purchase. Their thread is made from long-staple, highly fibrous cotton grown in Egypt, which results in towels that are very soft, absorptive, deluxe, as well as resilient. These towels will last for years when effectively taken care of, and they’re a staple in several resorts as well as health spas. The significant disadvantage of Egyptian cotton towels is their cost, which commonly runs $20 or even more per item.

Turkish cotton towels flaunt a number of the very same qualities as Egyptian cotton ones, except their fibers are grown in Turkey. Once again, the costs of cotton have long-staple fibers that make these towels extremely soft, as well as extremely absorbing. While they’re not quite as absorbing as Egyptian cotton towels, many people will not be able to determine a visible distinction. Many thanks to their lavish feel and superior performance, Turkish cotton towels are additionally fairly expensive, setting you back $15 or more per product.

  • Pima Cotton Towels

Pima cotton towels, sometimes called by their brand Supima, get their fibers from the very same plant as Egyptian cotton towels, other than the fiber is expanded in the U.S. These towels are one more premium option, as their long-staple fibers make them very absorbent as well as oh-so-soft.

  • Bamboo Towels

As even more people seek to reduce their ecological influence, bamboo towels are coming to be a more popular item. Bamboo is considered a green fiber because it expands much faster than cotton and does not call for using chemicals. There are some products made from 100% bamboo, but many towels you’ll see are a bamboo-cotton mix.