The Wedding for the Snow Lovers: Val Gardena

As a matter of fact Gherdëina is the home of the Saslong Standard, a males’s International downhill race that has been held nearly annually since 1969.

Having a wedding on the snow it’s a lot of fun, but both you and your guests need to love low temperatures and be happy to dress informally for what otherwise is seen as the occasion to dress up.

If you choose to have a destination wedding, the Italian Alps are very popular. It’s definitely funnier getting down the slopes, than having the traditional wedding. Guests as well, might find it more enjoyable.

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First of all choose a location also suitable for the no-skiers. You should also aim to choose an hotel easy to reach (you really don’t want to drive too long in the snow). Furthermore the resort should have great facilities especially for those guests bringing along their children.

As a wedding planner in London I advise couples to keep in mind few things. If they really want to marry in the Italian Mountains, they should really consider the above.

One of the best spots is the well known Val Gardena, a lovely valley in the Dolomites, North of Italy. The closest airport is Bolzano or Innsbruck in Austria.

This great resort is best known for its winter sports, rock climbing, and woodcarving. The woodcarving market, on the other hand, has actually grown internationally: local artisan’s sculptures works have been commissioned by Catholic Churches all over the world.

When the big day ultimately comes, there’s nothing that beats saying “I do” on a peak covered in snow. I do suggest couples– who love winter sports, to opt for a different wedding.

Nevertheless, you will have the unforgettable experience of losing up in front of a warm fireplace, sipping hot chocolate or mulled wine.