Pedal cars are an excellent toy to amuse toddlers and young kids. Unlike toys that are stationary, pedal cars put children into the driver’s seat and allow them to carry themselves from one place to the other without having to take help of anyone.


Moreover, pedal cars are available in a range of fun colours and styles. No matter, what the nature of the kid is, a pedal car is there to interest her/him. Visit the to view an unlimited range of pedal cars.

However, before purchasing a pedal car for your junior, you have to consider many factors. A pedal car cannot be operated by any child at the same age. Both mental and physical developments have a role to play in deciding whether a kid is ready for a pedal-powered vehicle or not.

1. Age

Most children are ready for a pedal-operated vehicle by the age of 3. Toddlers are able to use both mental and physical skills required to power and maneuver pedal cars. Some kids may become ready to pedal around on their own at a younger age, while others may need a few more months or even a year to learn to run a pedal car.

Pedal-operated toys normally have a recommended age range that you can find while buying the toy along with other product information.

2. Size

To power a pedal car successfully, children should be able to reach the pedals without difficulty. Some models feature an adjustable pedal system, while others need a particular height of the child to be able to sit comfortably and run the car.

If your child is not able to reach the pedals and her/his feet keep dangling above while sitting, you have to wait to buy a pedal toy. Other option is to find a smaller model that’s suitable to your child’s height.

3. Strength

To push pedals, your child needs to have some strength in her/his legs. Children that have been walking for some time have probably developed sufficiently to be capable of moving a pedal toy by themselves. Testing a pedal car before buying is a good idea to decide whether your child has the strength to operate the pedal car or not.

Pedal cars should offer fun and if difficulties keep coming from the start it may spoil the fun. The kid should be able to move the toy and should not have to struggle to pedal.

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4. Balance

Another point to consider is your kid should not have to struggle to sit on or come out of a pedal car. Climbing on the toy and settle in without the help of anyone should be easy for a toddler or a young kid.

Once inside, the child should be able to operate the pedal car without overturning the toy or wobbling. If your kid finds it difficult to balance while walking, running or playing, it may be good to wait for a while before buying her/him a pedal car.

However, if the kids can move their body without running into things or falling down, they are ready to run a pedal car.

5. Safety

Pedal cars are quite safe as ride-on toys. However, there is at least some amount of risk associated with all wheeled toys. Children that are too young to understand the underlying concept of safe pedaling and avoiding hurdles should not be given pedal cars.

Bumping with walls inside the house and trees or fences outside can cause injury to the kid and damage to the pedal car. Hitting an obstacle too fast may cause tipping over. Therefore, no matter what the age of the kid is, parental supervision is needed while pedal cars are being used.

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