Sarees are a tradition in India. Many women and girls wear them on different – different occasions or in parties. Saree gives you a special type of look. There are a lot of collections available on online stores. There is more flexibility in sarees as compare to other clothes.

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Traditional sarees

Traditional sarees gives you a gorgeous look. The material type present in these sarees is handloom silk with jacquard.

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Wedding sarees

Wedding sarees are heavy as compared to others because the done on them is very creative and contains some other materials too to make them more beautiful. These are of velvet, satin, silk, shimmer, and georgette made.

Bollywood style sarees

If you are a fan of Bollywood stars then you definitely buy these types of sarees. You can wear them in different – different parties.

Daily wear sarees

If you are a house wife or you would like to wear saree on to your also then you can go with daily wear sarees. They are more comfortable than others. These sarees are normally of light weight and work are done on these sarees is quite less.

Party wear sarees

Parties are very important in today’s life and it has been seeing that around 50% women and girls wear saree in parties. Saree gives them a mature look. These are not so heavy like daily sarees. Many types of fabric are used in these types of sarees like silk and cotton.

Printed sarees

The designer works a lot on these types of sarees to make them more attractive. These sarees carries a lot of creative work and attractive design. These sarees are best for all kind of occasions.

Sarees carries many folding in front side that gives a beautiful touch to them.