The gold effect on t-shirts is one of the prints that we are most asked for, and also one of the ones that generate more doubts, especially when choosing between silkscreen or vinyl. Let’s clear some questions about gold stamping; screen printing vs. vinyl.

Textile Silk Screen Printing With Gold Ink

The golden ink used in textile screen printing is made with metallic pigments, which end up giving a metallic hue to gold and silver ink. Gold and silver inks are the same in terms of high quality compared to normal inks, but their price is a bit higher. Even so, the value for money is incredible, so it is the most common option to customize polo shirts in gold.

If the design or logo has outstanding details, the result will be much better with silkscreen printing.

Golden Textile Vinyl

The textile vinyl is a thermal adhesive plastic foil touch. There are several types of vinyl with different finishes and with which you can achieve precise effects.

In the case of gold vinyl, you can choose between matte metallic vinyl and glitter metallic vinyl. We usually use textile vinyl in particular cases: to make the dorsal of sports equipment or to customize full-color garments more complicated to print, such as backpacks. It is much less economical than textile screen printing, so we recommend it if you need a special finish on your custom shirts. Both techniques have great resistance to washing and can be applied to any of our customizable shirts.

Choosing a method of textile customization usually depends on the type of design to be printed, but sometimes our clients look for a precise finish on their printed shirts. In such cases, your sales team will advise you to achieve the best possible result.