You can use the services of a masseur not only in salons. It is possible to buy travel options, for which you will usually have to pay extra. The masseur provides the necessary equipment and cosmetics, all you need is the right place and towels to cover.

In the offer of massage parlors and private masseurs you will find many different treatments performed using classic or innovative techniques. Check what will be best for you and how much a particular type of massage costs.

How much is a classic massage

Classic massage is the basic and most popular technique, originating in ancient China and India. It consists in making specific movements in the appropriate sequence. The masseur gradually increases the pressure by acting in turn on the deeper layers of tissue. To this end, he uses in turn the techniques of stroking, rubbing, kneading, oppression, patting, vibration, spreading and rolling. These elements are often used in other types of massage, e.g. relaxation combined with aromatherapy. Classic massage not only has a relaxing effect, it can also be used therapeutically for myositis, rheumatism or back pain. It is helpful when you are overweight or want to improve the appearance and firmness of the skin. This method is universal, so it’s good to choose it for the first treatment. With the nearest city spa  this is the smartest deals.

During the visit, the masseur can perform a classic full body massage or focus on a specific part, e.g. the one that got injured. You will pay around dollar 80-150 per hour for the entire procedure. Back massage costs about dollar 50-90 depending on the duration. You will pay approx. 30 dollar for a short, 15-minute massage. You can also get a medical referral for this type of surgery. However, you usually have to wait a long time for a free massage.

How much does a relaxing massage cost?

Relaxing massage is a frequently used variation of the classic version of this treatment. She uses many of her techniques: stroking with fingers or whole hands, kneading, rubbing and patting. The difference is that the movements are performed slowly, gently and very smoothly, and additional stimuli for the massaged person are often smells, music and lighting. The atmosphere is particularly important when performing a relaxing massage. The goal is complete relaxation, calming down, soothing. Nothing should distract you, therefore the masseur will ask you a few questions before starting the massage, e.g. about your favorite music and fragrance, which is used during aromatherapy often combined with this treatment. He will also find out if you feel like relaxing in silence or if you need a conversation.

You can take relaxing massages even every day

They are ideal for overworked, overtired, stressed, struggling with neuralgia and in periods of low mood. The entire treatment lasts about an hour and in combination with aromatherapy costs about 100-150 dollar. The neck and neck sweeps with this technique costs about dollar 50 for half an hour.