Our designer earrings are unique and will complement any outfit that you own. We offer a line of earrings that is diverse and which will suit your personality and style. Choose from simple and elegant all the way to fun and playful in our line of earrings.

If you’ve got a formal event to attend or even if you want to make a striking and stylish impression on a daily basis, consider one of our sets of stud earrings. They come in several shapes and finishes.

For example, the square stud earrings in black are a stylish take on the classic circle stud earrings that we offer. The square stud earrings are made from high-quality stainless steel, and they feature a 6 mm cubic zirconia crystal gemstone in each earring. They are finished with a classic black backing.

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The details make the outfit, and the circle cut stud earrings feature two diagonal lines across the  6 mm cubic zirconia crystal gemstones in each earring that creates a detailed cut across the face of the stone. This detail is unique and different than many other stud earrings with just solid surfaces.

Personalization makes jewelry that much more fun and interesting to wear. We offer earrings that feature a letter. Each letter earring is made from 925 sterling silver and has letters made with several cubic zirconia crystal gemstones. They are finished with a classic backing.

You can get one letter for each of your initials or someone you care deeply about. Maybe get letters that represent your life’s motto or a saying that is important to you. In any case, these letter earrings let the world know you have style and that you’re a bit mysterious, too.

With the latest Star Wars movie out and the last one on its way, we are proud to offer three sets of Star Wars earrings that reflect your love of the saga. C-3P0, Kylo Ren, and R2D2 earrings are very unique and will be a great conversation starter when you wear them. C3PO is gold, and the Kylo Ren and R2D2 earrings are in a chrome finish.

No matter your taste in earrings, we are certain to have designer earrings that you will be proud to wear to work, out for a night on the town, or to a formal event. Select more than one pair to ensure that you have enough to match every situation and outfit.