These tips will help you so that your nails look much better, they can grow quickly and healthily and show you some beautiful hands at any time of the year: Increase blood flow to your fingers with some activities such as typing, playing the piano, filing documents, etc. That is everything that makes blood flow more and therefore, grow your nails with more strength. Also, be careful because a very common mistake is to press keys with the nails and that is not good for them.

Always with the fingertips.

Increase the number of proteins in your diet. To do this, drink milkshakes or consume dairy, lean meat and if you wish, a daily vitamin D supplement. All these ingredients help the nails grow faster. See the Know what your type of nail is: there are 5 different (normal, soft, mistreated, fragile and dry). According to you must apply a different treatment. Take a look and analyze its features before acting. Drink lots of water and also infusions (such as tea) every day. That is very good for your nails and also your body in general because they hydrate. Try to use or manipulate more natural objects such as wood or skin instead of plastic or fabric. You do this by buying craft items, for example.

Do not cut the cuticles because they serve to protect your nails from infections and if you take them off very often you will only make them thicker and harder each time, but your nails, becoming weaker and sicker.

Natural remedies for the growth of nails at

Beyond changing your daily habits, do not hesitate to try any of the following natural remedies so that your nails grow much faster and in turn, they are strong and healthy.

  • Cucumber juice: pass half cucumber through the extractor, without removing the skin and submerge in this shake the nails, around 20 minutes. Repeat once a week and then you will notice the difference. The same can be done with the aloe vera sage.
  • Peel an onion and soak your nails in your juice. It is a very powerful home remedy so that they are always strong and healthy. Leave as much as you can soak, for example, while you’re watching television. Some choose to put in a bag and close to leave all night and the effect is faster.
  • In a cup of hot water place two tablespoons of olive oil and dip in one hand, soaking for 10 minutes. Do not rinse, but take the opportunity to distribute the oil by your hands, let it be absorbed and take advantage of the benefits of vitamin E.
  • The garlic is one of the home remedies for the most famous and powerful claws. One of the simplest ways to apply it is to crush two teeth and place the paste on the nails for 10 minutes for a week, every day. Another option is to rub the garlic directly or also to chop it well and place it inside the nail polish.

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