The new hot product in the market is the lip tints. The storm started from Korea and now has swept all over Asia and the western countries. Almost all the big cosmetic mother brands have now launched their line of lip tints. A google search would let you know that a “tint” is defined as a “slight or pale coloration” and that is a very accurate meaning. They became a rage because of the ability to provide a perfect contra tor gradient to the lips. This trend again started in Korea where the inside of the lip has a darker or brighter color while the outside is faded or pale in comparison.

How is a lip tint different from a lipstick or a lip-gloss?

The main component of lipstick and lip-gloss are wax and oil respectively. This causes them to slip off the lips. A lip tint, unlike the latter, is made up of a gel or liquid base. The base contains pigments that stick to the lips after the liquid base has evaporated. This gives the product an upper hand as it never budges and lasts all day long without leaving a mark on the glass of water or your cup of coffee. The trend is always hot during the summer season. The natural yet sturdy look that a lip tint imparts runs parallel to the fact that it gives the lips a certain kind of juicy and fuller look, one of such products is the periphera airy ink velvet, which is quite popular in Thailand.

What are the different kinds of lip tints available in the market?

The choice to lip tints is broad and sites

  1. liquid lip tints

2.peel off lip tints

3.tint sticks

  1. matte lip tints

What are the best ways to use lip tints?

Lip tints can be used to gradient the lips creating a natural look. Or used to create full and diffused coverage. The tricks are one too many if one is up for experimenting and it certainly makes up for a good choice to get a more sustained and effortless look.